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What is TREK? (Part 1)

Over the course of the next few posts, we aim to answer this question which has befuddled both parents and KEHS students alike since the inception of the course.  Please feel free to comment and ask further questions for clarification of what kind of things we do in TREK – though we hope this blog will explain all and leave you breathless for more!

So here are some basic facts:

  1. TREK is a non-assessed course offered to KEHS girls in the Upper Fourth year as part of their option choices when moving on to their GCSE studies in September.
  2. TREK is not part of any GCSE curriculum and has been devised independently by staff from KEHS.
  3. TREK has often been confused with ‘Philosophy’, ‘Critical Thinking’ and ‘Theory of Knowledge’ courses.

It might be easier, at first, to say what TREK mustn’t be confused with: it isn’t entirely a philosophy course, nor is it overtly a critical thinking or theory of knowledge course, all of which are subjects and disciplines in their own right…


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