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KEHS Philosophy is now in its fourth consecutive year of growth and has a core base of students who started coming ever since they were in the Lower Fourths (you know who you are!)

We meet informally every Thursday lunchtime in Room 9 from 1pm onwards and sometimes we are treated by the cake makers amongst the group, but are otherwise left to reflect on the metaphysical cake crumbs of the discussions in which we engage such as…

What makes a just intervention in another nation’s affairs?


Thursday 2nd October 2014 This discussion, stimulated by the recent decision to Western nations to carry out air strikes against ISIS, is linked to the notion of a ‘just war’. Much of the discussion was focussed on the ‘ISIS problem’ in terms of an ethical and political dilemma, with the majority of the arguments focused […]

When should we trust our intuitions? (Part 2)

moral intuitions

Thursday 3rd April 2014 This is a merged post based on the Creative Living enquiry we had earlier in the day and the lunchtime Philosophy discussion. In the first discussion, students presented the well known ‘trolley problem’ (see the clip above) scenario to elicit responses as to what individuals thought was the right thing to […]

Hilbert’s Hotel and other Infinity Paradoxes: The Reality of Numbers


Thursday 23rd January 2014 Today’s discussion was brought to us by an Upper Fifth Year student who had been pondering about mathematics.  The discussion touched on last week’s ‘identity paradox’ and raised two philosophical issues regarding the nature of numbers… What is it about the notion of infinity that boggles the mind?  It challenges not […]

What is Money?


A Socratic Dialogue   Thursday 4th December 2013 Socrates is sitting quietly on the steps of Birmingham Market under the shadow of the Selfridge Building, puzzling over something when Georgias, the Treasury Minister and Davidos, the Prime Minister, bump into him on their way to a public convention. Georgias: You look worried, Socrates. Is there […]

What makes us human?


Thursday 19th September 2013 This will be a familiar question to those of you who’ve studied A2 Religious Studies or know someone at KES who has studied IB Philosophy. Directly emerging from last weeks’ discussion on technology, students wanted to explore notions of human nature.  Fresh from viewing an AGORA talk on the same topic […]

How far does technology dehumanise us?

Thursday 12th September 2013 This discussion grew out of a short introductory exposition on the development ‘Google Glass’ and its ethical implications.  The first thread of discussion centred on the invention’s encroachment on personal privacy and the idea that Google Glass would actually change the way people behave in public: knowing that you might at […]