What the students say about TREK


Here are some of the things that the Class of 2012 have said about the their TREK journeys so far:

“We learn such a variety of things, from the ways in which we acquire knowledge to how we sift through it and find what truth is and what’s lies, myths or stories. I find that it has helped develop my questioning of why we actually think what we think and I really enjoy the philosophical debates we have in the second half of the lessons, which are questions thought up by us, inspired by anything we have seen or heard in the last week.”

“TReK has allowed me to see a new side to our everyday lives. It allows me to consider other possibilities surrounding the creation of the world, the science of today and whether there is such a thing as free will. TReK has also surprised me, regarding how much it ties in with other subjects and this has helped me to gain more knowledge in English, Science and PDM.”

“I have found TReK very interesting and learnt many things, one of the main things is simply how to form a philosophical question and to look and discuss both sides of an argument. I think TReK is important as it has allowed us to discuss and question everyday matters which we would not have given a second thought to before taking this course.”

“From the TReK course I have learnt a lot about the way we see things and why and how we interpret different meanings into different things. I think TReK is very important because I think it gives you a wider view on life and explains things that I would never had known before I took the course. Also, I think answering philosophical questions gives you view on other people’s opinions and opens your mind to different but interesting questions.”

“During TReK, I have learnt about different types of reasoning which has helped me to formulate my arguments in a more sophisticated manner during debates. It has also helped me to think more widely about a topic rather than take the obvious route. TReK has also helped me to be more aware of how our perceptions affect our behaviour and therefore made me more sensitive in how I express my opinions and my body language.”

“Why you should do TReK:

TReK is an informal double lesson which is filled with discussion, debate and some downright crazy ideas (which are usually completely random). You don’t have to be an avid contributor because even just listening to the lessons can still be informative and interesting. The second period of every double lesson is a debate about a philosophical question…not to mention cake-time.”

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